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Sauce Recipes

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Q: Sauce recipes?Where can I find some really good sauce recipes for both Italian and Chinese foods??
A: I use these all the time! Enjoy,
Q: Sauce Recipes?Anyone have any suggestions for a tasty sauce to put over a plate of mixed vegetables?
A: Hollandaise Sauce
“This creamy, slightly tart sauce […]

Seafood Recipes

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Q: Seafood Recipes?Does anyone know any good seafood recipes? Preferably recipes for Rainbow trout, scallops and salmon because that’s what I cook the most! Thanks!
A: broil salmon in white wine, lemon juice, and water (add enough of these liquids to cover up the salmon 2/3 of the way)
sprinkle […]

Side Dish Recipes

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Q: What are some easy pumpkin side dish recipes?We have a leftover pumpkin from halloween that we forgot to carve, and I have no idea what to do with it! Does anyone know of some simple side dish recipes? I remember some recipe where you […]

Soup Recipes

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Q: soup recipes?winter is coming! i live alone and like to make a pot of soup on sunday and then reheat it all week. last year i got pretty sick of minestrone and chicken soup all the time, as those are the soups that i’m best […]

Stew Recipes

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Q: What are some pork loin stew recipes?I am looking for a pork loin slow cooker stew recipe. Preferably simple, something with carrots, potatoes…
maybe a beef stew recipe but instead of beef I can use pork loin
A: you don’t want to cook a pork loin in a crock […]

Stock Recipes

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Q: Why do stock recipes direct you to remove the fat?In every chicken stock recipe I’ve seen it tells you to skim the fat, but it never says why. Is this just part of the low-fat craze, or is this how chicken stock is made traditionally? I think […]

Vegetarian Recipes

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Q: Vegetarian Recipes?I’m a vegetarian, and because of my job I can’t spend too much time cooking. Where can I find some quick and easy vegetarian recipes?
A: This link hasss a great variety and trust me they are easy to make. I have made quite a few from […]

Microwave Recipes

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Q: microwave recipes?can you please give me simple recipes that can be cook in microwave ovens..thanks a lot.
A: Here’s a some I like
Microwave Fudge recipe
2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 cup butter
1 cup canned evaporated milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup dark or […]

Pastry Recipes

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Q: Pastry recipes?any pastry or bread recipes ? at the end of each recipe put your name .
A: There are some wonderful ideas here:
Q: Why many pastry recipes call for both white and brown sugar?I’ve noticed that many many pastry recipes, especially cookies, call for the two sugars. […]